logs to furniture

One of the services Plank Road Woodworks is most excited to provide is converting client supplied logs and lumber into custom projects.  Many individuals find great satisfaction and connection to items that were fabricated from their own material.

Whether you have trees on your property that need to come down and you don't want to waste the logs, you are demolishing part of an old house or barn and want to recycle the material or you've had a beautiful stack of aged lumber for years that you want to put to good use, we have the ability to breath second life into this material.
We partner with local sawyers to mill felled logs on your property or transport to another location for milling.  By processing a small amount of logs at a time, we are able to make cuts focusing on both aesthetic value and maximized yield.  We properly air dry green lumber flat and sticker for air flow - both steps essential to high quality material - before transporting to local kilns to reach moisture levels required of premium hardwoods as well as eliminate any bugs or larvae.
custom design

premium hardwood

fine craftsmanship

logs to furniture service

Trademarks include simple, clean, contemporary design; premium hardwood; fine craftsmanship; and genuine customer service.

PRW strives to balance aesthetics with functionality, design with craftsmanship, and machines with hand tools. Material is primarily from local forests and reclaimed sources and each piece is hand picked for premium quality. The process of fine craftsmanship is fully embraced from design thru fabrication and finishing.

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