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Plank Road Woodworks specializes in custom designed furniture for residential, commercial and institutional settings.  We are comfortable collaborating with clients of all backgrounds to design and produce unique and well-made pieces of lasting aesthetic and functional value.

We prefer a simple, contemporary aesthetic with clean lines and balanced proportions.  We emphasize beautiful wood grain and handcrafted details like exposed joinery, hand-cut pegs, or simple arcs.  Our work is inspired by modern styles with natural materials, the Arts and Crafts movement, Japanese design and craftsmanship as well as Shaker and vernacular farmhouse styles.

Designing a piece of custom handcrafted furniture (or other custom wood project) is a collaborative process, and all suggestions and inputs are encouraged and welcomed along the way.  It all starts with an idea that strives to be beautiful, functional, and durable.  We sketch concepts on paper and design via 3D software to explore and communicate options.  We discuss the balance between form and function and seek feedback before focusing on an approach and refining a final design.  Most clients find the design stage enjoyable and because of it, the end product all the more satisfying.

custom design

premium hardwood

fine craftsmanship

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Trademarks include simple, clean, contemporary design; premium hardwood; fine craftsmanship; and genuine customer service.

PRW strives to balance aesthetics with functionality, design with craftsmanship, and machines with hand tools. Material is primarily from local forests and reclaimed sources and each piece is hand picked for premium quality. The process of fine craftsmanship is fully embraced from design thru fabrication and finishing.

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