premium hardwood

The beauty of this material is why we do what we do.  Always hand selected for quality and character, something you won't find from a high volume manufacturer.

Wood is always alive, whether it is upright in the form of a tree or milled as a beautiful wide-planked tabletop.  At Plank Road Woodworks we are constantly fascinated by the idea that a tree can function as part of a forest (cleaning the air and water, providing wildlife habitat, and providing an amazing backdrop for outdoor recreation) and then can be sustainably harvested to continue its life in functional and beautiful items such as furniture and other goods.

We take pride in sourcing responsibly harvested wood from local forests and purchasing from local mills and small sawyers whenever possible.  We mainly work in black walnut, cherry, white oak, ash, and maple, which readily grow in the surrounding  forests.  We also work in reclaimed chestnut, pine, and oak lumber, which is salvaged from old barns and other outbuildings.  We always get excited to finish mill a rough piece to see what amazing grain is exposed.  It never gets old smelling and handling this material on a daily basis.

custom design

premium hardwood

fine craftsmanship

logs to furniture service

Trademarks include simple, clean, contemporary design; premium hardwood; fine craftsmanship; and genuine customer service.



PRW strives to balance aesthetics with functionality, design with craftsmanship, and machines with hand tools. Material is primarily from local forests and reclaimed sources and each piece is hand picked for premium quality. The process of fine craftsmanship is fully embraced from design thru fabrication and finishing.

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