fine craftsmanship

No factory, no assembly line. From fabrication thru finishing, each piece enjoys the attention to detail that only an experienced craftsman can provide.

premium hardwood

The beauty of this material is why we do what we do. Hand picked for quality and character, something you won't find from a high volume manufacturer.

custom design

We believe in form AND function and are comfortable working with clients of all backgrounds to design unique pieces of lasting aesthetic and functional value.

design build woodshop




latest works

  • camp coffee table
  • media wall unit
  • white oak nightstands
  • camp coffee table

    one-of-a-kind artisan made coffee table.  salvaged black cypress that was milled in the 1920's.  48" L x 28" W x 18" H.  bridle joinery.  oval tempered glass top.  oil/wax Osmo satin finish.


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  • media wall unit

    Custom modern shelving unit. 8’ tall x 9’ wide. Powder coated steel posts with painted solid wood shelves and casework. Touch hardware. Grill drawer/door fronts for venting components and remote l...

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  • white oak nightstands

    custom white oak nightstands from tree felled on client property.  all solid wood.  poly finish. 18" wide, 18" deep, 21.5" tall....

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our workflow

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Design & Planning

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